Village („Dorf” description in English)


About the film

 A woman from a big city moves to a small village near the former border zone between East and West Germany.  What is she looking for?  What will she encounter?  Rural life in the era of globa­li­sa­tion turns into an adven­ture.  History lives in objects, stories and customs here since it was first recorded 800 years ago.  Wars and famines have left their traces, just as churches, poli­tical parties and various forms of govern­ment.  The change of the times, struc­tured by tele­vi­sion, has almost obscu­rely changed the old rhythms of life; super­market offers changed eating habits and food stock economy.  Is it folk­lore nost­algia or a matter of preser­ving one’s way and quality of life to keep the old customs and habits, such as preser­ving old types of plants and boiling down cucum­bers?  The village -  a mutual exch­ange of expe­ri­ences and garden products.  The village is like an onion:  it shows ever new surpri­sing layers and leads us deep into unwritten pasts.

Helke Sander

From a review

The village is just a village – it is my village.  I think I’ll go to the village festival.“  The last words of filmmaker Helke Sander were barely spoken when, as the credits rolled across the screen, the audi­ence applauded and cheered.  The audi­ence in the sold out Theater 4, the largest theater of the Film­pa­last cinema, was visibly impressed by the film about Korten­beck and its 121 inha­bi­tants.  The village itself lay obviously empty on this Saturday after­noon.  Mayor Bernd Olms explained: „I think there are only five people left in town. Almost all inha­bi­tants were in the theatre…“

Germany 2001. Digital Beta, color and b/w, 90 minutes.  Produc­tion:  Helke Sander Film­pro­duk­tion, in coope­ra­tion with mdr and NDR TV stations.  Director and script: Helke Sander.  Direc­ting assis­tant: Barbara Milde.  Camera: Roswitha Ziegler, Gerhard Ziegler.  Sound: Hanno Krieg, Matthias Wrage.  Set Design:  Jürgen Rieger.  Cut:  Helke Sander, Roland Musolff.  Music:  Barbara Milde.  Produc­tion Manager: Ulrike Zimmer­mann. Editors:  Beate Schön­feldt, Rainer Markgraf.

Cast:  The inha­bi­tants of Kortenbeck

First broad­cast:  December 15, 2001.

Premiere: November 11, 2001, in Salz­wedel, Germany (Film­pa­last Cinema).